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Guild Intro Video!

Post  Shuichi Shindou on Wed Jul 22, 2009 12:44 am

Okay, so well I had the idea of everyone making an Intro video, for Midgard. Which we can eventually put on a site. I kinda wanted to make a contest out of it, so I wanted to pick some people who are good with video making. Now yeah, you could go about doing this yourself, whatever. But whoever makes the best Midgard Intro video, will get a choice to pick an item from me. As of now [I'm going to try and get more items] the items you can choose from winning are as follows: Black/red Mandolin, Black/red Ukulele, [To be continued] Now I will NOT be choosing who wins.

I'm going to take a poll or a vote, if you will. Now to give you some ideas of what I would really like to see, and probably many others is:
1. In the beggining, everyone from Midgard could wave, or atleast the most active/ones who aren't evil. <_<;
2. Then you could go about following Midgard members and show what we do [Not everything, but show how strong we are, or show some funny moments. :3]
3. PUT SOME GOOD TEXT IN THERE. D: Everyone loves to see text pop out at you saying " WHY CHOOSE MIDGARD?! WELL, ETC,ETC " or " Let Midgard put their wing around you, we'll watch out for you always! " Something. Good. :3
4. GO CRAZY, we are a crazy guild, put some funny stuff in there, throw in me humping Massive's leg for all I care. xD

May the best man, or lady, win!! Goodluck to all who participate.
Shuichi Shindou

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