Midgard Story Line

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Midgard Story Line

Post  Carlii-Kun on Thu Jul 09, 2009 12:31 pm

Well, if you dont like this idea blame boredom.

I've decided to write some stories based on Mabinogi (seeing how i want to be a Author when i grow up.) and my experiences. I plan to make it as realistic as it could be in the game, meaning i wont exaggerate my abilities. You may release your own story line's in this forum as well. You can intertwine your story with mines, so long as it makes sense and does not screw both of our storys. I shall seperate my storys into 'Arcs' that all lead up to the final battle. It will be based on Mabinogi, but most likely you may find other NPC's that will help me improve my Arc as to not be a copy of the G's. I may make up some new towns on the way, seeing as ill be creating a whole 'nother story line. Hope you enjoy my adventure!

Arc 1: The Geneva Genocide

Chapter 1: Suprise Saviour

Chapter music: