The Importance of a Bathroom, and cleaning it.

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The Importance of a Bathroom, and cleaning it.

Post  Jake on Mon May 04, 2009 10:36 am

Who knows what a bathroom is?..
Most of you hopefully know, and most of you hopefully don't live there.
It's important to clean your bathroom - because, if another sees it dirty, they might not want to come over - because your bathroom is filthy.
It's important to clean the guild chat as well, any messages of leaves - quitting - or negative thoughts about Midgard, need to be read, responded to - and then deleted once understood. It's a taint to the fourm if we have a bunch of Posts stating the leave of members. It discourages the use of fourms for our new users, which also needs to be enforced or encouraged a bit. -lonely fourm user-

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