OMGWAD you've obtained a levi would you like to name it?

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OMGWAD you've obtained a levi would you like to name it?

Post  Zekiri on Mon Aug 17, 2009 8:57 pm

*added* i forgot my name... ITS...umm..UMM..naw im jokin my names Jordan dun forget it X3
Hobbies: drawing playing games..looking at animal porn?(joking...LAUGH!!!)football,music (cello) and... moar drawing o.o

ummm... what else should i put? OH

apperance: 5'6 and i ish blackdian (black + indian = blackdian :3) and i has short hair (wanted a afro....)

Girls i like:ummm yeah mostly every girl i see that isnt with some one? yesh i know im a good person Smile

animals i like : anything that doesnt go meow..(bad experinces with meowers No )

UMMMMMMM: O.O i ish a lvl 150 elf with falcon justice (yesh i stop bad guys)

highest ranked skills : range rank 7 crit rank 8 counter rank 9 and mirage rank 9 (has to check again)

i has a doggeh named coco..WASNT my name choice my mom and dad chose it.... Crying or Very sad well is that all?

oh and my pic ish a bankai version kirby BLEACH + SSB = WIN!!!

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